Wind Energy Information for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Ambitious goals for renewable energy usage and sustainable practices are becoming the norm for businesses across all industries. Renewable energy contracts are fast becoming the standard for many companies to reach their corporate sustainability goals.

At Tradewind Energy, an Enel Green Power Company, our portfolio of utility-scale wind and solar energy projects and flexible suite of contract structures provide businesses with the options they need to manage risk and meet internal targets. We understand that every company is unique and that it takes time and education to bring internal stakeholders along when pursuing innovative ideas. Our team of energy professionals will work with you to understand your needs, develop various alternative strategies, and stay connected at whatever pace is needed.


Renewable Energy Agreements

There are a variety of alternatives for companies seeking to obtain credit for renewable energy. Some companies might want to own projects themselves at their facilities – these are often smaller in size. Others may just purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) or carbon offsets. Some companies with very large energy use even set up a wholesale power company and enter into long term power purchase agreements from new wind and solar projects, selling the output into the wholesale power markets. However, the most common arrangement is the contract-for-difference (CFD) renewable energy agreement.



The CFD enables companies to claim that additional renewable energy was developed as a result of their action, provides a steady stream of RECs to meet sustainability targets, and provides a financial hedge opportunity to take advantage of upward movements in wholesale electric power prices.

For more information on how a wind or solar project can help meet your sustainability goals or help hedge your utility costs, please email us at