Aaron Weigel

Vice President of Development & Portfolio Management

In addition to managing Tradewind’s real estate department and providing strategic guidance to the development team staff, Aaron manages portfolio reporting and budgeting on behalf of Tradewind Energy, supporting good decision making within the project development group and seeking efficiency through systems to improve the effectiveness of project managers. During his tenure at Tradewind, Aaron has successfully developed sever hundred MW of wind projects in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Aaron earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Kansas, with a focus on renewable energy. Prior to joining the Tradewind Energy team, Aaron worked for three years in manufacturing facilities for a Fortune 100 company with a primary responsibility of process improvement.

An active supporter and participant in various private charitable organizations, Aaron also maintains support of his alma mater and Society of Mechanical Engineers, and is an electric vehicle advocate and hobbyist. Growing up in rural Kansas, Aaron spent much of his childhood exploring creeks and nature. Later in life, his education led him to seek to understand how things work; and consequently, how to improve them, including energy use in America. Relying on deep-rooted values and education, Aaron is proud to support Tradewind in helping to create reliable, low cost, sustainable energy for the future.

If you wish to contact Aaron, please email aweigel@tradewindenergy.com.