Solar Energy Information for Utility Customers

One of the Largest Renewable Energy Developers in the U.S.

Throughout our history Tradewind has partnered with investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities to develop mutually-beneficial low-cost energy projects which directly benefit the utility’s residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers.

One of the largest independent power project development companies in the U.S., Tradewind Energy has established itself as a leading renewable energy development company that continues to be among the fastest growing developers in the nation.

We’ve earned a reputation for innovation in the market, for our highly skilled and passionate team and for our deeply held respect for the people and communities where we develop our projects.


Experienced Developer of Utility-Scale Solar

Tradewind Energy is actively developing utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power projects in numerous markets across the U.S. using the same development rigor we have demonstrated for over a decade. All of Tradewind Energy’s solar projects share the same general characteristics: they are situated in the best solar resource area within their respective markets, they are carefully sited to minimize environmental concerns, they are strategically located from an electrical perspective to maximize value to the customer, and their development and construction costs are managed to yield the lowest cost of delivered power possible.

Tradewind Energy sets itself apart from most of its solar development competitors by deploying on-site solar resource data collection stations to determine micro-site conditions which provide Tradewind Energy power customers and other project partners (e.g. financiers and tax equity) the highest degree of confidence that Tradewind projects will perform as planned.


Exceptional Standing within the Industry

Tradewind is recognized as a leader in the renewable energy industry. Our reputation for attending to details and building relationships throughout the development process have earned the respect of investors, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers.  We have been honored with the Kansas Governor’s Energy Achievement Award, bestowed the National Outstanding Commercial Achievement Award by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and named the number one utility-scale wind developer in the U.S. for 2017 by AWEA.

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