Students showcase creativity in KidWind competition

Recently, Tradewind Energy employee, Kevin Tulp, was invited to serve as a judge for the KidWind Challenge competition in Oxford, Kansas.  The competition consisted of eight teams of 5th and 6th graders from Oxford Elementary School. The teams were judged by the power output of a turbine they designed as well as the knowledge and creativity demonstrated during their presentation. The top three teams qualified to compete in the state level KidWind Challenge in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Each team was given a small generator and encouraged to use recycled or reused materials to complete the design. These students’ powerful imaginations resulted in some fantastic designs. Tulp enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and interest the students have for renewable energy.

Congratulations to The Epic Wind Warriors and The Air Sharks, who have been invited to compete in the National KidWind Competition in Anaheim, California! Tradewind Energy will be cheering you!