Tradewind Energy Continues Significant Growth; Surpasses 2,500 MW milestone

2015 was a banner year for Tradewind Energy, Inc., one of the largest independent wind and solar project development companies in the United States. The success was due in part to the launch of its solar division which resulted in seven utility-scale solar projects reaching commercial operations in 2015.

In addition to the solar projects completed in 2015, two Tradewind-developed wind projects in Oklahoma also recently became operational: The Goodwell Wind Project and the Little Elk Wind Project. These two projects were purchased by subsidiaries of Enel Green Power North America, Inc.

The total combined solar and wind projects that the company has completed now stands at 1,879 MW, representing more than $3.3 billion in capital investments. Another 1,000 MW is already contracted for completion in 2016 and 2017, which is expected to result in an additional $1.7 billion in investments. Together these Tradewind-developed wind and solar projects will meet the power needs of about one million U.S. homes.

“Our explosive growth is a testament to our hard working team, the enthusiastic support from the communities in which we work, and the leadership of utilities and corporations that clearly see the tremendous economic, social and environmental benefits that result from investing in renewable energy resources,” said Rob Freeman, CEO of Tradewind Energy. “We consider it our mission to provide low-cost, highly competitive and sustainable energy solutions to utilities and corporations across the United States.”

Added Freeman, “We are excited about the vast opportunities that are ahead of us. It is gratifying to be able to deliver on the desire for clean, renewable energy, and wind and solar have now overtaken natural gas as the best bridge-technologies to an abundant energy future. We’re proud to be a leader in the development of these sustainable sources of power.”