Today Marks the 1st Day of Meteorological Spring

Today marks the first day of Meteorological Spring.  As a link from the National Climatic Data Center explains below, meteorologists use whole calendar months that more closely represent the temperature cycles of the earth to denote the seasons, rather than an astronomically-based designation.   As a result, March, April, and May comprise meteorological spring.  As if on cue, the recent weather in the Kansas City area has been very spring-like.  In fact, daytime high temperatures averaged 7.4° above normal for the entire month of February.  Adding to the pleasantry, the warmest temperatures have lined up well with weekends, as the table below outlines record highs being set or tied on the past two Saturdays.  This trend is expected to continue in the near term, with sun and mid-60’s forecast for this upcoming weekend, and temperatures approaching 70° again by early next week.

Records Tied/Broken in February:

(Thursday) Feb 18th – Tied Record of 74 which was last set in 1930

(Saturday) Feb 20th – New Record of 75 which beat the old of 70 set in 2011

(Saturday) Feb 27th – Tied record of 73 which was last set in 1932


Kevin Walter, Ph.D.
VP, Meterology