Morning Satellite Image

As a meteorologist, there isn’t much better than an early morning high-resolution visible satellite image with interesting meteorological features in your own region.  The low sun angle of a morning image belies intricate detail to the texture of the cloud tops this morning as now Tropical Depression Bill spins near Oklahoma City, complete with sweeping arcs of cirrus being flung all the way up over northern Kansas and Missouri.  Bill is expected to pivot northeast and eastward, mostly sparing the Kansas City area of significant impacts.  Meanwhile a quasi-linear mesoscale convective system (a squall line of thunderstorms, of sorts), is ongoing over southern and central Nebraska, rapidly diving southeastward.  This complex began over 10 hours ago as isolated severe thunderstorms that prompted a Tornado Warning over Spearfish, South Dakota (the far northwestern part of the state) around 10:30pm last night. There is a fair chance that Kansas City will see some rain today from either feature, with the forecast calling for reduced chances of rain and higher temperatures through the weekend and into early next week.

Dr. Kevin Walter Director of Meteorology – Tradewind Energy, Inc.