Historic Rains in May

Areas of Oklahoma and Texas continue to be among the hardest hit by historic rainfall in the month of May. The image below shows radar-estimated rainfall totals over the Southern Plains. Note that there are numerous areas that are estimated to have received 10-15” of rain in only the last 7 days.  Hard hit over the weekend was Austin, TX and surrounding areas, where the Blanco River near Wimberly rose from 4’ deep to 40’ deep in just a few hours, shattering the previous record of 33’ (river level time history in second image).  Monday night it was Houston’s turn, with some parts of the city receiving more than 10” of rain in just 6 hours, crippling the city.  There is more rain in the forecast for some of these same areas, many of which are approaching the wettest May ever recorded or even the wettest month ever recorded, with still nearly a week remaining in the month. Our thoughts continue to be with those in the regions hit hardest by the recent storms.  (Image Courtesy US Geological Survey via http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=EWX&gage=WMBT2)