Northeast battles blizzard amid record-breaking temperatures in the Midwest

Conditions in the northeast are improving today, after a blizzard dumped 24” or more of snow across the region.  The highest unofficial snowfall totals were 36”, measured in both Middlesex and Worcester Counties, Massachusetts.  A peak recorded wind gust of 78mph was measured on the island of Nantucket.

On the same day, 1,500 miles west, record high temperatures were being broken in Kansas.  Hill City, Goodland, and Colby Kansas all broke not only record daytime highs but record highs for any January day in recorded history at 83°, 82°, and 79° degrees respectively.  This means not only was that the warmest it’s been on any January 27th in the last 100+ years, it’s the warmest it’s ever been in January in the last 100+ years.  The coming weekend will bring a return to more seasonal temperatures in Kansas, with highs in the 30’s and the potential for rain and snow.


Image courtesy of Jay McMichael, CNN