Tradewind Energy & Basin Electric Reach Agreement to Provide Low-Cost Wind Energy

The Lindahl Wind Project, a local landowner-initiated development in Williams County, North Dakota, will produce 150 MW of wind energy to help meet the overwhelming demands created by growth in the region.

Lenexa, Kan. (December 31, 2014) –Tradewind Energy, Inc., one of the largest independent wind and solar project development companies in the U.S., today announced it has entered into a long-term renewable energy purchase agreement with Basin Electric Power Cooperative to deliver low-cost wind energy.

The approximately 150 megawatt (MW) Lindahl Wind Project in Williams County, N.D., will supply the cooperative with enough energy for about 50,000 homes. The project, located in the heart of the Bakken shale oil formation, will help meet the increased demand for electricity brought on by Bakken oil activity. Energy production in North Dakota has attracted so many new workers and families that many communities are scrambling to keep up with the new infrastructure demands. Located in the middle of an active oil field, the Lindahl Wind Project will operate seamlessly with current oil and gas development in the region while supplying highly competitive energy to local communities.

The Lindahl Wind Project is a landowner-initiated project comprised of approximately 20 landowners who live in and around the Project area in northwest North Dakota, near Tioga. These landowners collaborated to create the Project four years ago. Tradewind purchased the Project in order to advance development of the site, including securing a utility power purchase agreement.

“The landowners on this project came together with a vision to capture the abundant wind resources in our area and supply much needed energy to some of the fastest growing communities in the country,” said Dallas Lalim, one of the original landowners on the project. “We’re so thankful to partner with Tradewind Energy and finally make this idea become a reality.”

Tradewind officials thanked the local landowners and Basin Electric for the opportunity.

“We are tremendously excited to be in North Dakota where the wind energy industry is only beginning to capitalize on the region’s enormous potential,” said Sanjay Bhasin, Tradewind’s Senior Vice President for Business Development. “Lindahl will meet the incredible demand in the region with low-cost energy for Basin Electric members, and we are thrilled to make this project happen.”

Lindahl adds another predictable, low-cost energy source to Basin Electric’s portfolio, ensuring a secure future for members.

“We are addressing the tremendous growth in our region in a number of ways,” says Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager. “Purchased power is one of them. The contract with Tradewind will complement our resource mix and help ensure the lowest cost energy for our members.”

Tradewind will continue working with agencies at the local, state and federal level to finalize the permitting process, and collaborating with landowners and community members in Williams County.  When completed, the project will span approximately 20,000 acres and have about 75 turbines.

“Tradewind takes great pride in establishing a relationship with the local community, so we are excited to bring this landowner-inspired project over the finish line,” Bhasin said. “Establishing a power purchase agreement is a significant milestone on the road to making the Lindahl Project a reality.”

Once completed, the project will mean millions in direct payments to the respective local communities via property taxes and rent payments to landowners who will host the turbine easements.