Tradewind Energy donates two buses to Shidler School District

Tradewind Energy, developer of three operating Oklahoma wind projects, surprised the students and faculty of the Shidler School District on Thursday, December 19, 2013, with two new school buses to ease the transportation troubles the district is experiencing.

Tradewind Energy’s Aaron Weigel attended a recent school board meeting to share details of a planned wind project and listened intently as the board members and district patrons attending the meeting discussed its aging school bus fleet, the high cost of maintenance and an ever tightening budget. Following the meeting, Weigel set a course to see if he could solve the district’s most immediate needs by arranging for the lease of two brand new buses.

Tradewind Energy, which is developing the 136MW Mustang Run wind project in Osage County, has committed to paying all costs associated with the lease of two buses to the Shidler district for three full years, which includes maintenance and tires for the duration of the lease period. “It will take about three years for our school district to begin receiving tax dollars from the operations at Mustang Run,” said Shidler Superintendent John Herzig.  “Tradewind’s gift of these school buses helps us bridge the gap and take care of our critical transportation needs until we can count on the increased tax revenue in future years. I guess Santa’s sleigh is big and yellow in Osage County this year.”