Tradewind joins Kansas Land Trust for Easement Dedication Ceremony

October 18, 2016

On Friday, Tradewind Energy was pleased to join Kansas Land Trust for an easement dedication ceremony of one of the conservation easements put in place by the Caney River Native Environment Conservation Plan.  This easement was one of the two easements funded by the Caney River Wind Project’s Native Environment Conservation Plan on land owned by Linda Evans.  Ms. Evans is a fantastic steward of her land and has done a tremendous job in the past few years making improvements to remove noxious weeds and improve the health of her pasture.  This conservation easement ensures that no development will occur on this property and will remain habitat for grassland wildlife for decades to come.  Caney River Wind Project’s Native Environment Conservation Plan is an example of Tradewind Energy’s commitment to responsible stewardship in the project’s we develop

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