Thunder Ranch

Where is the project?

The Thunder Ranch Wind Project is located approximately near Billings, Oklahoma. The project sits in Noble, Kay and Garfield Counties.


What transmission line does the project connect with ?

The project will interconnect with the OG&E 345kV Sooner Substation near Red Rock, OK.


What is the size of the project?



What turbines are being used?

The Project will utilize a combination of General Electric 2.3 and 2.5 MW wind turbines.


Landowners and Acreage Involved:

Thunder Ranch Wind Project encompasses approximately 60,000 acres.


When did the project start operating?

The Project began operating in December 2017.


Who is buying the power?

The power produced by the Thunder Ranch Wind Project has been purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev under long-term Power Purchase Agreements.


Who developed the project?

The developer of the Thunder Ranch Wind Project is Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Who owns the project?

The Project is owned by Enel Green Power North America, Inc.


Key Project Attributes:

  • Once operational, the 300 MW Thunder Ranch Wind Project is expected to produce enough power for approximately 90,000 Oklahoma homes.
  • The project will only take a small amount of acreage (1% to 2%) out of production, including land for roads, turbine foundations, and maintenance buildings.
  • The project is one of the most energetic wind development sites in northern Oklahoma.
  • The project will utilize significant local labor and materials for its construction and operations and will generate significant economic benefits to the local school district and community.