Smoky Hills - Phase II


Where is the project?

West of Salina, Kansas about 20 miles, and just north of Interstate 70 to the west of Highway 14. The project is located in both Lincoln and Ellsworth Counties.


What transmission line does the project connect with?

Interconnecting to the Midwest Energy 230 kV transmission line in Ellsworth, County.


What is the size of the project?

148.5 MW


What turbines are being used?

GE 1.5sle


How many turbines are being used?



Landowners and Acreage Involved

The project area encompasses approximately 14,000 acres and involves around 80 landowners.


When did the project begin operating?

December 2009


Who purchased the power?

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, Midwest Energy, Inc., City Utilities of Springfield, and Independence Power & Light. A small portion of the project was also sold into the Southwest Power Pool energy imbalance wholesale power market.


Who developed the project?

Smoky Hills Wind Project II, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Who owns the project?

Enel Green Power North America, Inc.


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