Where is the project?

The RedRock Project is located approximately 100 miles northeast of Sioux City, IA, west of Estherville and east of Spirit Lake in the high yielding corn and soybean fields of Emmet, Clay, and Dickinson Counties, Iowa.


What transmission line does the project connect with?

The RedRock Wind Project is expected to interconnect to a 345 kV (MEC) line


What is the size of the project?

Up to 500MW


Landowners and Acreage Involved:

Around 150 landowners and 80,000 acres will be involved in the project


When will the project start operating?



Who is developing the project?

The developer of the RedRock Wind Project is Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Key Project Attributes:

  • Once operational, the project is expected to produce¬†enough power for approximately 108,000 homes.
  • The project is one of the most energetic wind development sites in northern Iowa.
  • Of the approximate 80,000 acres included in the project area, the project will only take approximately 1% to 2% acres of land out of service, including all land for roads, turbine foundations, and maintenance building.
  • The project is expected to have no material effect on any threatened and endangered species of birds or animals based on third party studies commissioned by Tradewind Energy.
  • Landowners will be participating and collecting royalty payments from the project.
  • The project will utilize significant local labor and materials for its construction and operations and will generate significant economic benefits to the local community.
  • The project fits well with the surrounding area in terms of the existing infrastructure and commercial activities and enjoys broad community support.
  • The project, when completed, will offset approximately 220,000 passenger vehicles and over 1,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.