Where is the Project?

The Lindahl Wind Project is located in Williams County, North Dakota, with portions of the project in Lindahl, Tioga, and Sauk Valley townships. The vast majority of the project is to be located in Lindahl Township.


What transmission line does the project connect with?


What is the size of the Project?

The project has approximately 75 turbines.


What turbines are being used?

Vestas V100s


Landowners and Acreage Involved?

The project consists of approximately 18,000 acres of land which are under wind energy leases with approximately 30 landowner partners.


When will the project start operating?




Who is buying the power?

The power produced by the Lindahl Wind Project has been sold to Basin Electric Power Cooperative.


Who developed the project?

The developer of the Lindahl Wind Project is Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Who owns the project?


Key Project Attributes:

  • Lindahl Wind Project produces enough electricity to power approximately 60,000 North Dakota homes.
  • The project will pay an average of nearly $2 million per year in property tax and landowner rent payments.
  • Given the Project’s location in the heart of the Bakken shale oil formation, it will help meet the extraordinary demand for electricity brought on by Bakken oil activity, as well as supplying power to the region’s houses, businesses, and farms.
  • The project’s robust wind resource, coupled with the existing electrical infrastructure on site, creates an opportunity to generate extremely low-cost electricity right where it is most needed.