Decatur Parkway


Where is the project?

Located in the Decatur County, GA Industrial Airpark approximately 3 miles north of Bainbridge, GA along state highway 27.


Where does the project interconnect?

On the high side of the Georgia Power owned 12.47 / 115 kV Decatur County Industrial Substation.


What is the size of the project?

79.92 MW


How many acres does the site represent?



Who purchased the power?

Georgia Power Company, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company.


When did the project begin operating?

December 2015


Who developed the project?

Decatur Parkway Solar Project, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Who owns the project?

Southern Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company


Key Project Attributes:

  • The site is located within the highest solar resource area of Georgia.
  • Great access off state highway 27 and is located just a few miles north of Bainbridge, GA.
  • The site is open, unobstructed, with little slope.
  • The site is located on private¬†property.