Cimarron Bend

Where is the project?

Cimarron Bend Wind Project lies south of Minneola, Kansas in Clark County. The project area is a vast, open, and elevated tabletop feature. Land utilization is mostly cultivated.


What transmission line does the project connect with?

Cimarron Bend Wind Project will interconnect to the new ITC 345kV Clark County Substation located just a few miles north of the Cimarron Bend project boundary. The project is also a candidate to tie into a proposed Clean Line Energy DC transmission line that would export Kansas wind energy to the east.


What is the size of the project?

Up to 600 MW


Landowners and Acreage Involved:

Cimarron Bend Wind Project has over 100 landowner partners representing a total project area of over 60,000 acres.


Who is buying the power?

The power produced from the Cimarron Bend I Wind Project was sold to Google and the power produced from the Cimarron Bend II Wind Project was sold to BPU.


Who developed the project?

The developer of Cimarron Bend Wind Project is Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Key Project Attributes:

  • The project is expected to produce enough power for approximately 180,000 Kansas homes.
  • The project has received tremendous local and state support.
  • The project will only take a minimal amount of acreage (1% to 2%) out of service, including land for roads, turbine foundations, and maintenance buildings.
  • The project will have little or no impact on fire, water, or wastewater infrastructure.
  • The project will generate significant economic benefits to the local community.
  • The project will utilize local labor and materials for its construction and operations and will generate significant economic benefit to the local community.
  • The project will offset approximately 1,800,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, 6,000 tons of NOx per year, and 8,400 tons of SO2 per year.