Caney River

Where is the project?

About 10 miles west of Howard, Kansas. The project will be in Elk County, Kansas.


What transmission line does the project connect with?

The Project is interconnected to the Westar 345 kV transmission system in Elk County.


What is the size of the project?

200 MW


What turbines are being used?

Vestas V90


Landowners and Acreage Involved:

Approximately 15 landowners and 14,000 acres will be involved in the project.


When did the project start operating?

The Project was constructed in 2011 and achieved COD in January of 2012.


Who is buying the power?

The power produced by Caney River is sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the nation’s largest public power company. The power is delivered to TVA’s customers in the Southeast U.S.


Who developed the project?

The developer of the Caney River Wind Project was Tradewind Energy, Inc.


Who owns the project?

The Project is owned by Enel Green Power North America, Inc.


Key Project Attributes:

  • The Caney River project is believed to be one of the most energetic sites of any wind project in development in eastern Kansas, outside of the designated Heart of the Flint Hills area.
  • In an effort to promote wildlife and grassland conservation throughout the state of Kansas, the Caney River Wind Project entered into a partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to manage $8.5 million in funding directed toward the purchase of conservation easements and issuance of research and conservation grants within the state.
  • The site was specially selected due to its proximity to existing power transmission lines. As a result, no new transmission lines or rights of way needed to be acquired or constructed.
  • No scenic byways or other threatened or endangered species or habitats are impacted by the project.
  • The project only takes 150 acres of land out of service to build, including all land for roads, turbine foundations, and maintenance buildings. The rest of the approximately 14,000 acres leased for the project is farmed and ranched exactly as it was prior to construction.
  • The project has approximately 15 landowners participating and collecting royalty payments.
  • The Caney River Wind Project provides $3 million annually in lease rent payment to participating landowners and payments in lieu of taxes to Elk County. These payments represent a 50% increase in annual county revenues.
  • The project enjoys broad community and county agency support.
  • The project will offset approximately 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, 2,000 tons of NOx per year, and 2,800 tons of SO2 per year.
  • The project will generate enough power to supply the needs of approximately 60,000 households.