Omega Block & Smoke from Canada

What were the hottest places in North America yesterday? South Texas and southern Arizona tied with southern Canada which were all sitting around 95°F. The unusual heat in southern Canada is being caused by an upper-level atmospheric feature known as an Omega block, aptly named because the jet stream buckles so severely that it resembles … Continued

Oklahoma Dust Storm

Two evenings ago, a dust storm spanning from the Texas Panhandle to the Oklahoma Panhandle whipped through the area, throwing dust nearly 2,000 feet into the air.  The dust storm marked the leading edge of a very strong cold front, and featured winds gusting to 73 mph near Goodwell, OK and Tradewind Energy’s Goodwell Wind Project. … Continued

Today Marks the 1st Day of Meteorological Spring

Today marks the first day of Meteorological Spring.  As a link from the National Climatic Data Center explains below, meteorologists use whole calendar months that more closely represent the temperature cycles of the earth to denote the seasons, rather than an astronomically-based designation.   As a result, March, April, and May comprise meteorological spring.  As if … Continued

Smog over Eastern China

For the first time ever it appears that a red alert for air pollution has been issued for Beijing.  More details on the color-coded alert scale and its implications can be found here.  The high-resolution satellite image of the pollution, which was taken this morning and shows the pollution stretching far beyond Beijing, is almost … Continued

Hurricane Patricia

The strongest hurricane on record in the northern eastern Pacific basin is now Hurricane Patricia, which is currently 150 miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico.  The central pressure of the storm has been measured by Hurricane Hunter reconnaissance aircraft at 880 mb, the lowest ever measured by the National Hurricane Center which is responsible for the … Continued

Active Tropics

The hemispheric view of surface wind and temperature shows active Pacific and Atlantic tropical basins.  The Pacific is and has been the most active basin so far this year, currently with Hurricane Kilo, Tropical Storm Ignatio, and Hurricane Jimena surrounding Hawaii, in addition to Tropical Depression 14-E off the Central American Coast.  Having crossed the … Continued

A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

With the unveiling of EPA’s new Clean Power Plan, which seeks to more strictly regulate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the US, viewers might find interesting a high-resolution simulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere released by NASA last fall. According to the NASA press release: “An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a … Continued

Radar Loop in East-Central Kansas

On Saturday afternoon, a very interesting radar loop emerged from east-central Kansas. A complex of thunderstorms further north had produced an outflow boundary that sagged just south of the I-70 corridor. This boundary can be seen in the image below as the concentrated line of greens and yellows from just south of Junction City to … Continued

Hazy Skies – Smoke from Alaska

If you are a resident of the Kansas City area, did you notice the hazy sky last night and this morning?  The haziness is caused by smoke from fires burning in Canada and Alaska, the furthest in central Alaska 3,500 miles away.  The super-high resolution satellite image below shows the fires burning in central and … Continued

Morning Satellite Image

As a meteorologist, there isn’t much better than an early morning high-resolution visible satellite image with interesting meteorological features in your own region.  The low sun angle of a morning image belies intricate detail to the texture of the cloud tops this morning as now Tropical Depression Bill spins near Oklahoma City, complete with sweeping … Continued

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