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Sustainable, abundant and affordable electricity will transform civilization. It is the key to a nation’s prosperity and longevity and energy independence – and to the hopes and dreams of so many. And that future is here now. At Tradewind, we are driven to develop and advance the next generation of electric power projects that bring sustainable electricity to every business and household across our nation. Our projects harness the incredible power of the sun and wind to produce clean, low cost energy. Imagine the possibilities.

Tradewind is one of the largest wind and solar project development companies in the U.S. We’ve earned a reputation for innovation in the market, for our highly skilled and passionate team and for our deeply held respect for the people and communities where we develop our projects.

We take great pride in our demonstrated ability to deliver affordable wind and solar energy to diverse markets while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to long-term project quality. Visit our Wind and Solar project pages to learn more about Tradewind’s capabilities and project experience.