Tradewind Energy, Inc. is one of the largest utility-scale wind and solar project development companies in the U.S. We deliver long-term projects that tap in to nature's resources to produce sustainable energy for our nation - real power that will keep our energy costs low. We've earned a reputation for innovation in the market, for our highly-skilled and passionate team, and for our deeply held respect for the people, environment and communities where we develop our projects.

Wind Energy

Over the past decade, wind power technology has improved dramatically. Today, it takes fewer turbines to produce more energy. Turbines are also more reliable, making wind-generated electricity an increasingly important part of our nation’s energy mix. At Tradewind Energy, we have access to the best equipment, the most experienced professionals and the strongest financial partners.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has become the fastest growing power generation source in the United States, due to a variety of factors including declining costs in manufacturing, installation, service and financing. Utilities in particular are procuring solar power systems as a cost-effective means of adding distributed and central generation at strategic locations across their electrical networks.

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